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    Make money easy with your website!

    Join Amic Games Affiliate Program! Amic Games has an outstanding offer for the gaming, entertainment, utility and other sites and portals. Become our affiliate partner and get the real profit from your website. For every game or utility purchased from your website we pay you a commission of 30%; all you have to do is to advertise our applications on your site. RegNow Service assists in carrying out the affiliate program.

    How does it work?

    The shareware concept is wide spread and it works very well in the gaming industry; Free Trial Versions are released to the public and tried by visitors, and the people who wants to purchase the full versions will follow a link back to our website where s/he will order the full version.

    As soon as we examine your request you'll be provided with an unique affiliate Trial Version of our applications ( which will contain changed registration links to include your affiliate Id ) and you can wide distribute and spread this applications through your information resources ( web sites, newsletters, CD-ROMs, message boards, banner exchange, discussion groups etc ). All the people who try them and want the full version will purchase the software with your affiliate Id information and you will receive your 30% commission.

    Bassicaly, this is how it works:
    1) The visitor goes to your site and downloads the software;
    2) A few weeks (or months) later the visitor decides to purchase the full version. Because all the registration links in the application on his (or her) computer are containing your "affiliate" information, your RegNow affiliate account is credited with a 30% of the purchase.

    How much income can you expect?

    It depends on your site's traffic and audience and, of course, of the advertising space you'll dedicate for our software. But the typical income for a small site ( less than 500 visitors daily ) is between $100 - $1000 per one month. Of course, those figures are not warranted. But, however, you really can make nice money just for one hour of work!

    Which types of websites are not approved for the affiliate program?

    We reject: adult content, illegal (like warez) sites and other sites of that kind. We also do not co-operate with spammers. Also you must be aware that if you want to advertise software on sites with not software audience ( for example a medical website ) there is a relative small chance for you to earn big money. Software and other entertainment sites ( like jokes etc. ) are much more efficient.

    Ready to signup? Four easy steps to become an affiliate:

    1. Create your affiliate account on RegNow, just follow the link: ;
    2. In the section PRODUCT SELECTOR add our products (numbers):
JigSaw 4000: 5562-2
Email Saver Xe: 5562-3
    3. Send us an email using our Contact Form with the following information: your site url, nr of visitors per month ( approx. ), number of affiliate account at RegNow, your name and email.
    4. Within five working days we will examine your application and create a special affiliate versions of our software for you. Place the files (or links to files) on your site and start earning the cash!

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