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      Delphi programmer needed.

      Programmers form the inner workings of development. They create the secret technologies and engines that give life and energy to all games.

      Aside from experience, the first and foremost thing we are looking for in a programmer is talent. As we are a young developing team, we can't afford to hire experienced realized people but young programmers who want to make their way up into game industry.

      For legal reasons, we do not want you to send us any game demo or program that you or your employer considers proprietary or confidential. So things like a game demo you want to have published eventually, the source code to NT 5.0, or the NSA’s encryption algorithms would be bad things to send to us.

      It is okay to send us any shareware, freeware, programs for personal use, or currently available commercial applications you have worked on. In fact, it helps us to have a sample of your work. The only real exceptions are ideas or demos for games, unless they are already available to the public. A good rule of thumb is this: If the public can download your program from the net or buy it off a shelf for their own use, then it’s safe to send it to us.

      If you do send us something, make sure to send your best stuff. It is better to send us one cool program than lots of mediocre ones. Pick the one best thing you have done and show it to us. We can read about the rest in your resume.

      Finally, scan everything you send us for viruses! Nothing makes a worse impression than sending a resume or program that infects our computers.

      3D Modeler Artists needed.

      Game art is the meat and potatoes of every game. These characters and environments give life to the ‘gameplay’ and create the illusion of a complete, believable fantasy world. Today, 3D art skills are a prerequisite for a game artist, so please make sure your demo reel contains 3D work generated in an art software program such as 3D Studio Max.

      We don’t have much interest in seeing fine art, though. Games are definitely a commercial endeavor, featuring highly polished commercial art. A sample or two of fine art is acceptable and sometimes helpful, but you need to show us you can do the commercial stuff, too. The same goes for samples of graphic design. We do some work with type and layout in our interfaces, but this kind of stuff should be in the minority when you submit your portfolio. The kind of art we are really looking for falls along the lines of what you see in current video games, fantasy/sci-fi movies, comics, and such.

      If you can take a character completely from pencil concept to a 3D-animated, living, breathing entity that appears full of life, style, and attitude, then you are guaranteed a spot on the team. It is fine to specialize in either texturing, modeling, or animating, but let us know your area of expertise in your cover letter, and make sure you show it off in your demo!

      How to apply for a job!

      Every good application needs a cover letter and a resume. We won’t go into all the details on how to write a good resume, but will recommend reading any of the excellent books available on the subject. The point we want to stress is that a resume is required. It should include your name, mailing address, phone number, work experience, educational experience, and more, printed or typed on a piece of paper or two.

      Also, the resume is not the place to demonstrate your creativity or individuality. A standard resume lets us quickly find the information we need (and fits in a standard file cabinet... round resumes do not, for example). The place for your creativity should be in your portfolio or other supplemental materials you send along with your resume.

      As for supplemental materials, please do send them. They give us a good idea of what you can do. You might, however, want to be selective in what you send and follow the suggestions listed later in this guide. But we CANNOT RETURN ANY MATERIALS SUBMITTED. This is very important: Do not send originals; send copies. Do not send anything that you are not comfortable with never seeing again.

      By now you have assembled your resume and cover letter and are starting to gather the supplemental materials you will include in your application. You’ve made sure to include a way we can contact you, and you are ready to tailor your application to Amic Games’s needs.

      Please send your resume and additional material at: with the subject Job opportunities at Amic Games.
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