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    1. Question: I drag one piece close to it's mach but it doesn't snap together. Why?
   Answer: The pieces are not in normal position ( they snap only if they are with upside part up ).

    2. Question: How can I create puzzles from my own pictures?
   Answer: You have to save your pictures as JPEG images ( they will have the .jpg extension ), resize them to have about 500x400 pixels, and then copy them to the folder Images inside the path where the game is installed. ( Usually C:\Program Files\AmicGames\JigSaw4000\Images ). When you will start the game, JigSaw 4000 will find those images and display them among the old puzzles at the New Game screen, you can easily press "Play" to cut the selected image into pieces and solve it.

    3. Question: The titles have a blue border around them, which makes playing very difficult. How do I make it disappear?
   Answer: This is a known bug which we were not able to fix yet. The blue border appears only in very rare cases, when something is missed up in the configuration of the windows drivers. If this appear on your shareware version please do not purchase the full version as it will be the same. If you already purchased the full version please email us, and we will provide you with a full refund.

However if you have any other questions, please DO send us an email using our Contact Form and we will reply you in about one day.

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