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    Xantia Elite is an new arcade shoot'em up game in the classic style of Raptor, Tyrian and Galaga games. Made with nowadays highcolor graphics, blasting sound effects and great animations this game is the best of its genre.
    In Xantia Elite the story is the classic one; you are the pilot of a high-tech space fighter - a hybrid between a plane and an outer space vehicle - and you have to stop the alien invasion from the planet Arthel.

     The first battles will be on earth, the next will be in space, and in the final battles you will have to destroy the alien ships on their home planet.
    Featuring 18 levels in four episodes, high quality 3D rendered graphics, over 80 different ships and bosses, and a lot of terrain ground enemies, this game will bring you more fun than any of its predecessors.
    This game is still under development. The official release was scheduled for the end of May 2002, but unfortunately we have to delay the release with one month; we want to make this game as best as possible!

    Check out some screenshots and make sure you Book mark this page ( Ctrl-D ) and come back at the end of June! Also soon a beta version might be available for free download; if you want to be informed when this happen sign up to our newsletter!

    Until then please check out some of our other games:
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