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Alex Marias - Alexandru Marias

Alexandru Marias
Alex Marias and his baby

Alex Marias is the original developer and owner of Amic Games. The games are developed in Delphi using DirectX and have been published as shareware and to the retail market.

Alexandru Marias launched Amic Games in 2003 after he developed GreenFace the Virtual Reality and Jigsaw 4000. The games made a good income online as shareware, people were downloading the evaluation version and if they liked they purchased the full version.

Alexandru Marias is a programmer and software designer. He uses Delphi, Visual C++, PHP to develop his products. He learned Pascal during the time of DOS

Alexandru Marias loves to travel, to meet new people and make new friends, and to create software products that bring an innovative approach to customers.

Alexandru Marias personal website: Alexandru Marias
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