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Download for free this fine JigSaw puzzle game for windows which runs in fullscreen. The demo version of the jigsaw game have only 3 Mb. Download for free this fine and fun jigsaw puzzle game with have 150 beautiful jigsaw. Free download of a nice jigsaw puzzle game for windows; 20 jigsaws included! The download have only 3.6Mb. This jigsaw puzzle game can be downloaded free and it includes 20 puzzles. Hurry up and download your free demo of this nice jigsaw puzzle game for PC! Download for free this fine and fun jigsaw puzzle game Download for free this fine and fun jigsaw puzzle game
New! JigSaw 4000 v1.0 puzzle game has been released on May 15, 2002 and the Free Demo Version is available for download here ( 3.4 Mb ) : JigSawDemo.exe.

The Demo Version includes a mere 30 puzzles where there are 150 in the Full Version! You may evaluate this Free Demo version by playing several puzzles and if you like it you can Order the Full Version in order to get: 150 new jigsaws made from beautiful photography, the ability to download and play the new puzzles sets ( with a total of more than 300 jigsaws! ), create puzzles from your own digital images and more. You will also benefit from technical support and you will receive news e-mails about updates.

    Download free jigsaw puzzles packs
Airplanes - 17 Puzzles with Jet planes
Wildlife - 54 JigSaws with the many various animals: lions, panthers, horses, cats, dogs, penguins, birds, and others.
Automobiles - 41 Puzzles with beautiful cars.
For Kids - 28 Puzzles with cartoon characters.
Castles - 6 Jigsaws with castles.
Lost world - 8 Jigsaws with dinosaurs.
Fish - 7 Puzzles with fish.
Flowers - 22 Jigsaws with flowers.
Formula I - 14 Jigsaws with formula I photography.
Landscapes - 71 Jigsaws with landscapes.
Monuments - 9 Jigsaws with monuments.
Paintings - 17 Jigsaws with paintings.
Space - 13 Jigsaws with images from outer space.
Sports - 14 Jigsaws with photography from sports.
Sailor Mon - 24 Jigsaws with Sailor Moon and her friends.

    Note: You can download and play the above jigsaw puzzles in the free Demo version also!
    Please notice that you can't play an unlimited number of puzzles in the Free Demo version, but only in the Full Version.

    Be sure you Book mark this page ( Ctrl-D ) and check back later from time to time as we are adding new puzzle packs every few weeks!

    Disclaimer: The jigsaws in these Free Puzzle Packs are created from images collected from various sources; we tried as much as possible to make sure that they are free for commercial and noncommercial use. However if you own copyright on any of these images and you would like them not be be used as jigsaw sources, please send us a notice as soon as possible and we will remove them immediately.

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